Monday, 20 October 2014

Embroidery Practice

Upon starting university four weeks ago and studying the ‘origins’ unit for three weeks l feel like l have learnt lots. It has been a real learning journey specialising in embroidery. My experience so far has been enjoyable and lm relatively happy with the samples that l have produced. I have developed my hand stitching and machine stitching skills further. I am getting more familiar with the different types and varieties of fabrics and threads, and l have had fun experimenting with them to find out which works best for which sample. I loved experimenting in colour and texture and I particularly enjoyed producing and developing work on the sewing machine. You can get a completely different outcome by using the sewing machines as oppose to hand stitch and it is so much faster.

We were inducted on to the Pfaff machine, Steam irons, Steam bed, Heat press and the Bernina sewing machine. I thought the Pfaff was a very clever machine and would like to work with it more when l have the opportunity. I’ve also learnt in lectures about how fibres are made and were they come from which l found particularly interesting.
I produced a technical file which will help me to never forget some of the stitching techniques that l have learnt, producing a technical file is something l have never done before as lm used to sketchbook work so that was new for me.

I did however find the unit a little difficult in Lynn’s lesson in particular to produce so many samples. Each week we were asked to produce six hand-stitched samples as homework and l felt like they weren’t always as good as they could have been because we had to complete so many of them, along with other homework. I felt like it became quantity rather than quality. At times l felt like there wasn’t really a purpose to the samples, no project or theme, However I quickly got used to the fast paced way of working and I was pleased with how many great samples I managed to produce in the time we were given. Overall I loved embroidery and it is something I would like to specialise in.

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