Saturday, 6 December 2014

Contextual references - Mixed Media

Genevieve Bennett is my first contextual reference, she is a freelance designer for many companies including habitat. She also has her own company designing leather panels by using laser cutting, laser etching and embossing. Her work has really influenced me because of the detail within in. I like how her shapes are so simple yet make the whole finished piece look so complex. I think the detail in the leaves on the image below is similar to the detail In some of my work, specifically the drawings l have produced of trees.

Lynne Maclachlan is another person who’s work l really like. She produces intricate 3D laser cut jewellery, lots of her pieces are using white acrylic, which are glued together and she then fills in with resin. Her work inspires me because of the way everything is fixed together, it gives me lots of new ideas on how l could piece together my work differently.


Elena Manferdini is the founder of Atelier Manferni design studios. They specialise in laser cutting, focusing on architecture, fashion and product design. They have a wide range of products which l really like, they don’t just focus on one design, and they have many ideas. I also like to have lots of ideas and designs and not just focus on one thing. The idea that influenced me most was the stainless steel tray folded into bowls. I am currently starting to think about materials in my own work and experimenting to try and find out what will work and what wont, as l think getting the right material for what you are aiming for is really important. I’d never thought to use stainless steel before now but it’s something for me to consider. The company uses lots of complex surfaces and creates light effects by using mirrored materials to create shadows, I like this technique and l will let this influence me. In particular l also really love the large installation 'marlett' as this is lace inspired and l love the intricate patterns!


The next artist to influence my work is a mixed media textile artist called Carolyn Saxby, l mainly love the colours she uses within her work and the complexity of it. It’s so busy and there’s so much texture within it. I'd like to think of a way that l can incorporate her way of working into my 3D designs. She uses lots of lovely fabrics like chiffon and silk, I like the idea of chiffon and silk draping to create something 3d. At the moment I’m still exploring lots of different ideas, which is something that I’m going to think about over the next few days before my laser cutting session on Wednesday. 


My final artist l began to look at is Pippa Andrews. In this particular three dimensional wall piece she has used a beading technique called right angle weave. She has created a 3d quilt using old newspaper rolled and made into beads then joined together with nylon fishing line. Bead weaving is definitely something I’m eager to try although l don’t quite know how it would fit into my work at the moment. I take inspiration from the bends and construction of her piece. I like the simplicity of it and I just think the whole design idea is really clever.

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