Monday, 1 December 2014

Mixed Media - Week 1

This week I started a new rotation – mixed media 3D design. The first task we were asked to do on Tuesday morning was to photocopy a few pages of our favourite pages from our sketchbooks and pin them on the walls around the room next to our name. this was so other students and tutors could walk round and see were each other was at and how the weekend task for the feedback week had gone. It was nice to see other people’s ideas and views on visual research. 

The second task was taking sheets of plain white copier paper and manipulating them to make 3D shapes and designs influenced by ideas from my visual research and my sketchbook. We also got gave a verb list which was useful because it gave me my inspiration when my mind had gone blank. Some of the words for example were, to bundle, to bend and to crumple. These helped me to be more experimental and creative when l was stuck for ideas. I think the verb list will be something l continue to use throughout my sampling project. I felt restricted at first in the lack of materials we were allowed to use but quickly got the hang of it.

I went on to completing 100 drawings that were really simple and relevant to the project. I was surprised with myself as when I initially head 100 I thought it was near impossible, but l actually manage to complete the task and was happy with the majority of them, there is some strong drawings that I can see myself working further with.  

3D isn’t really an easy task for me as l don’t usually work in this way, so l am enjoying being more experimental and learning how to work in this new way. I have been asked to start thinking about the context of my work, who it is for or where is it for etc. I have quite a few ideas but nothing is clear to me yet. I am thinking maybe a 3D wall hanging or sculptural piece, or maybe even an advert for the museum. I definitely want to focus on something interior based rather than fashion directed. Maybe I will incorporate some weave into my samples and see where that leads me.  

On Friday drawing day we tried to continue making more 3D sculptures, by bringing things off the page and to life using lots of different papers and materials such as wire. I have also tried to layer some different papers to give different effects; I found that a craft knife is essential when working in this way.

We also were taught how to use illustrator and l was sure to make many notes for my technical file so I was sure not to forget anything I had learnt. I have never really enjoyed working with illustrator before as I never really knew properly what I was doing and I’m not very computer based, I prefer to be more hands on and doing or making. However, after the lesson I really found that I enjoyed it more than l thought I would. I am going to continue experimenting with my drawings using it. Then l will take the images further into laser cutting. I’m looking forward to learning how to laser cut next week and etch my images on to different materials by sampling. I think this will give me more of an indication in which direction I want to take my project.

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