Monday, 12 January 2015

Mixed media - week 3

The final week in mixed media for me was a relief as l found it particulary difficult. I felt like it was quite a complex subject in which l needed more time in, it went over too quickly and there was more design ideas l would have liked to of developed if l would have had more time. However in saying that l am happy with my outcome as l did struggle throughout. I would have liked to have gone back and had more time laser cutting but it just wasnt possible in the time scale, l have experimented with just using a craft knife instead and l have found this to be much easier and simple to do. I managed to gather together all of my design ideas and sketchbook work and bring them into one linked project.

A particular piece that l finished this week was a large piece of wood that l etched my patterns on to. This happend to be quite effective and l was really happy with it, however the only downside to it, is that its quite flat. If l got the chance to develop it even further l could have used a diffrent type of material were l could bend or shape it into something more 3D. Overall l think etching made me work quite flat, but when l chose to cut certain parts or pieces out this is what turned it and made it more 3D. I think laser cutting gave me more ideas and oppurtunites.

Im most happy with the design l created using patterns and trees. I liked the idea of turning this design into a large sculptural piece or clock. I managed to complete some prototypes of this and lm happy with the outcome. I found that one of the hardest parts of mixed media was choosing what materials was best to work with. Finding out what material worked best for a particular design was frustrating and time consuming. A lot of thought process has to go into this part of the unit.

At first at the beginning of week 1 l focused too much and worried too much about what context my work was going to be used for. I worried too much about what the end result was going to be before l even got there, which made me hold back a little from experimenting more. At first all l could concentrate on was making some sort of light fitting, but eventually l got there through self critic and l have made my final outcome more sculptural. I became more open to development ideas.

I decided to do some further samples using just a craft knife and making my samples more decorative by adding yarns and various materials. I prefer this outcome as l have a very busy look to my work in general. I have also experimented this week by making some samples encorporating wire, which is something lve never tried before but wanted to. This was succesful as it gave me lots of movement.

I have gone on to realise that sometimes some of the most simple designs are the most effective. The light shade l created using lines is a perfect example of this.

At the very end we got given a task to make our work tell a story, by photographing diffrent combinations of our work throughout the unit. I had to get everything out and start composing some diffrent collaborations, some worked, others diddnt work so well. We were asked to do 5 diffrent variations of these and print some out. I made sure my photos were clear and well presented by using a clear and white background in a well lit room, l also borrowed a professional camera for the day from the av store. This ensure my photos were good quality. The task was useful because it allowed me to see how far id come from the start of the unit until now. Its intresting to see how my work has developed from drawings of my journey to the museum and the museum itself, into an intresting 3D design.

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