Thursday, 22 January 2015

Print - week 2

I began the week by continuing to produce some motifs on illustrator and hand drawn ones. I found Tuesday to be a really hectic day as we had a 2pm deadline to hand in our final design that was supposed to be exposed ready for screen printing on Thursday. I found it particularly difficult this week getting the right white and black balance on my motifs, l didn’t get the concept that my drawings were all too linear and there needed to be more black fill as this is the part which lays the colour. I managed to understand and was really happy with the final results that were exposed onto screen. 

On Tuesday we also had an induction on the dye baths and had a go at dip dying different types of fabric, l particularly liked silk. On Wednesday l colour mixed ready for screen printing, l mixed up pigment dyes using my colour palette I’d made. 

We had an induction into Photoshop on Thursday morning, l haven’t ever really used Photoshop much before now but l am confident about using it after being taught how to.  We have been asked to create some digital designs by next Tuesday. The best one will be digitally printed. So this is what l plan to work on between now and then.

We also started screen printing in the afternoon, l layed a few fabrics down and pinned them and screen printed a few designs on top. I tried to print my stripe pattern over and over but it’s actually more difficult than l thought and l did struggle with this. 

For Friday drawing day we had to draw out four different designs as thumbnails, but then repeat each one about 6 times but placed differently. l then made four textured backgrounds, again that related to my colour palette and began to hand paint using gouache my thumbnail designs onto them. I think by the end of week 3 l will have grasped in what context my work would be used in.

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