Monday, 16 February 2015

Weave - Week 3

This final week I have looked more into detail of how the landscape looks right now in February. It's quite dull, there's lots of shades of browns, greys and muddy greens with hints of bronze. It's quite like autumn, with leaves falling off trees and bare branches. I have focused more on the images I've taken and have made yarn wrappings and colour stripes to help me develop. I've then weaved some samples using the textures and fine lines from the trees. I think towards the end of the project I have really started to understand were my focus is and the direction l am heading. I decided to concentrate more on nature and how things change over time, I think this fits in well with the word material transitions.

I have produced lots more drawings and have experimented further with lots of different materials to give me more visual research to work from. I have tried to create more simple samples on the looms, and I have machine stitched into some of them to give them more detail.
Below are some photos that I went out and took ready for the final week in construct. These helped me create lots more mark making within my drawings. I wish I had more time on this project as this week I've really started to enjoy it!!

PE Task 2

Firstly, I'm not choosing to reference any artists that I looked at throughout 3D as it was a particularly difficult unit for me and I didn't enjoy it very much. I know for me it's not something that I'm going to pop back into so I don't think it's relevant.
Whilst in London I visited Wallace and Sewell, I absolutely loved their work and all the colour and texture within it. It was great to see there fabric right in front of me. It was also particularly helpful to see the context of their work and what audience they aim it at. It was interesting to see who was in their shop browsing. This all influenced the direction for my own work. I used an image I had taken whilst in their shop, to produce my colour palette for the print rotation. This helped me go on to produce bright and vibrant sample work. I can see my drawing work that I produced in print and my digital print as stationery, or wallpaper in the home. It could even be developed into furnishing for the home, as a couch for example, like the one l seen whilst in Timorous Beasties and also Wallace and Sewell.

Whilst being back in construct I've focused mainly on landscapes and materials, I've looked at a textile artist called Josie Russell. For me she is really inspiring because she uses lots of found materials out of charity shops, she's very economical and my project is partly thinking about materials used. I think it's great that she works in this way, she keeps her environmental impact to a minimum whilst creating her work of North Wales. I feel like In some ways there is a connection between our work because she focuses on beautiful surroundings like the countryside, and that's what I have tried to focus my work on. She has picked up on all the different marks because of the patterns and textures in materials that she's used, I think that's really clever and it's exactly what I've been trying to do but with yarns. The bronze and brown tones she's used reference my photograph that I've taken, as well as my yarn wrappings and weave samples.


Another artist I’ve looked at and found to be relevant is Patty Hawkins. I like the composition of her work and the way she uses shapes to form a piece of textiles. I have used many trees, branches and twigs as visual research in my body of work, and when I've looked at her work I can see a clear connection between the two. We both use lots of mark making and notice all the lines and shapes. Just looking at her work next to my weaving you can already see how it relates by the colours and textured lines. She uses many bright colours that aren't necessarily true to a real landscape, I have done some of this way of working too. I suppose I have in my head a colour palette of what I expect summer to be which would be yellows, oranges, turquoises, pinks etc. I think when you think of summer you think of holidays, lovely weather and bright colours. However, this isn't always true and colours aren't as bright as you first thought when presented with a photograph for example. This is the reason why I've slightly changed the direction of my work and have opted for a more neutral colour palette incorporating shades of browns and more muddy tones.

I can definitely see my weaves as scarves, blankets or huge throws. Maybe even a rug if the yarns were durable and substantial. I also like the idea of making little purses or bags and embroidering in to my weaves in some way to add more detail. I think the artists that I've chose to look at are all very colourful and quite fussy which is definitely how I like to produce my work.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Weave - Week 2

This week has been a continuation from the first. After having our group crit, I have been trying to refine my colour palette. I feel there is a lot of different colours within it and it’s starting to be too fussy.
This week l have been doing separate samples of the colours from the 4 seasons, I particularly like the autumn colours. However l think during the last week I am going to maybe try to do one weave sample using the colours from all 4 of the different seasons, Pulling out colours from my visual research and being a little bit more selective. I’m going to keep my samples quite simple but pull out textures from the images of landscapes like grass/trees/leaves etc.

This week I have worked a lot in my sketchbook; I’ve made lots of connections from this and can now see how it translates in to my weaving samples. Friday drawing day definitely helps to be freer and gives me techniques to use that l can relate too. I think in the last week lm going to be able to bring everything together and see the bigger picture.
I’m starting to have more of an idea of the context of my work now, l can definitely see them as decorative wall hangings. They also could be used as throws in the home or as a piece of fashion.
Another artist I’ve looked at this week is David Hockney. I love the colours and vibrant feel to his work; I think it is very similar to my colour palette.

Weave - Week 1

For the last 3 weeks rotation l decided to go back into construct as this was what l enjoyed the most. I wanted to develop everything l learnt last time and experiment with the looms more.

From the list of words, l decided to choose 'material transitions' as l think this could be interpreted in lots of different ways. It stood out to me straight away and l came up with lots of different ideas quite quickly. Material transitions can mean the media l use, I am going to try to use lots of different techniques using all kinds of media.

I chose to focus mainly on landscapes and my surroundings as l think all the curves, lines and mark making could be translated in to weave. I have focused more on my colour palette and have changed it slightly since print. I wanted to incorporate all of the different seasons and the colours within them.

I have started looking at a textile artist called 'Kayla coo' who creates wall hangings of landscapes using felt fibres and hand/machine stitch. Her work is inspiring because of all the marks she makes using yarns and threads. I want to try to achieve this within my weaves with different textured yarns.


Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Print - week 3

This week I worked a lot on Photoshop, I much preferred this method as oppose to screen printing as I like busy designs. I like the process of building lots of layers on Photoshop and experimenting to create busy designs. This isn't as easy to do screen printing as it’s a long process and you have to wash the screen between layers and wait for it to dry etc. It's much easier to delete layers if you’re not happy with it on Photoshop whereas screen printing it's not possible to go backwards.

I particularly loved digital printing, I thought it was rather expensive but the outcome was cool. I didn't think the colours came out as vivid as they were on the computer screen but still was happy with the results. I would definitely go back and use this method.

At the end of the week we did some collages using our thumbnails from last week.

This week l have looked at an artist called John Dilnot. His work is produced in to greetings cards, Wrapping paper, Books and Wall prints. His work caught my eye because of how busy and colourful it was. I’d like to imagine that my work would be put into a similar context and could go on to be used on wrapping paper etc. However l can also see my final designs as funky wallpaper or fabric for home furnishings.

I have chosen to go into construct for the last 3 weeks of the sampling unit, I wanted to develop my skills more in weave and learn some new techniques.

Print - week 1

My start to print has been a good one, so far im really enjoying it. Its seeming to be really fast paced and we seem to be packing a lot of diffrent things in to the next 3 weeks.

At the beginning of the week we were asked to continue the sampling unit based on our trip to the museum, we started by producing lots of drawings that were relevant to this. My drawings have been very linear, so l have been working on making them have a more black and white balance as thats what im aiming for once they go onto screen. We also continued to do some timed and blind drawings. So we produced more in a quicker time. We were only allowed to use black and white media. I experimented with pens, ink, mark making tools, cut out paper, charcoal, gouache etc. These drawings then became motifs ready for screen printing.

We then went on to use illustrator to produce some of our drawn samples digitally. From my experience with illustrator in 3d were l diddnt enjoy it, l thought this time l understood it more and got on with it a lot better. I used various techniques to repeat my design which was quite cool. I also made some simpe designs using shapes and developed them into digital designs.
Before the print rotation id had a go at screen printing in college but id never learnt about the diffrent types of designs. Theres an all over print, a stripe and a placement. They each have there own uses. For example a stripe can be repeated over and over to create a new design, an all over print looks like its been cut out of larger fabric and a placement is just one design.

We went on to choose an image which had to be full of colour, l chose an image l photographed whilst in london at wallace and sewell. We then had to do colour stripes of the image by selecting colours from it and use gouache to recreate it. This then went on to be my colour palette for screen printing.

In friday drawing day l made 12 thumbnails, 4 were stripes, 4 all over and 4 placement. This was so we could get a feel of how our designs would look. I then went on to producing some larger a4 final designs. I liked this way of working as l thought it gave you an insight into what the end result would be.