Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Print - week 1

My start to print has been a good one, so far im really enjoying it. Its seeming to be really fast paced and we seem to be packing a lot of diffrent things in to the next 3 weeks.

At the beginning of the week we were asked to continue the sampling unit based on our trip to the museum, we started by producing lots of drawings that were relevant to this. My drawings have been very linear, so l have been working on making them have a more black and white balance as thats what im aiming for once they go onto screen. We also continued to do some timed and blind drawings. So we produced more in a quicker time. We were only allowed to use black and white media. I experimented with pens, ink, mark making tools, cut out paper, charcoal, gouache etc. These drawings then became motifs ready for screen printing.

We then went on to use illustrator to produce some of our drawn samples digitally. From my experience with illustrator in 3d were l diddnt enjoy it, l thought this time l understood it more and got on with it a lot better. I used various techniques to repeat my design which was quite cool. I also made some simpe designs using shapes and developed them into digital designs.
Before the print rotation id had a go at screen printing in college but id never learnt about the diffrent types of designs. Theres an all over print, a stripe and a placement. They each have there own uses. For example a stripe can be repeated over and over to create a new design, an all over print looks like its been cut out of larger fabric and a placement is just one design.

We went on to choose an image which had to be full of colour, l chose an image l photographed whilst in london at wallace and sewell. We then had to do colour stripes of the image by selecting colours from it and use gouache to recreate it. This then went on to be my colour palette for screen printing.

In friday drawing day l made 12 thumbnails, 4 were stripes, 4 all over and 4 placement. This was so we could get a feel of how our designs would look. I then went on to producing some larger a4 final designs. I liked this way of working as l thought it gave you an insight into what the end result would be.

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