Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Print - week 3

This week I worked a lot on Photoshop, I much preferred this method as oppose to screen printing as I like busy designs. I like the process of building lots of layers on Photoshop and experimenting to create busy designs. This isn't as easy to do screen printing as it’s a long process and you have to wash the screen between layers and wait for it to dry etc. It's much easier to delete layers if you’re not happy with it on Photoshop whereas screen printing it's not possible to go backwards.

I particularly loved digital printing, I thought it was rather expensive but the outcome was cool. I didn't think the colours came out as vivid as they were on the computer screen but still was happy with the results. I would definitely go back and use this method.

At the end of the week we did some collages using our thumbnails from last week.

This week l have looked at an artist called John Dilnot. His work is produced in to greetings cards, Wrapping paper, Books and Wall prints. His work caught my eye because of how busy and colourful it was. I’d like to imagine that my work would be put into a similar context and could go on to be used on wrapping paper etc. However l can also see my final designs as funky wallpaper or fabric for home furnishings.

I have chosen to go into construct for the last 3 weeks of the sampling unit, I wanted to develop my skills more in weave and learn some new techniques.

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