Saturday, 14 February 2015

Weave - Week 1

For the last 3 weeks rotation l decided to go back into construct as this was what l enjoyed the most. I wanted to develop everything l learnt last time and experiment with the looms more.

From the list of words, l decided to choose 'material transitions' as l think this could be interpreted in lots of different ways. It stood out to me straight away and l came up with lots of different ideas quite quickly. Material transitions can mean the media l use, I am going to try to use lots of different techniques using all kinds of media.

I chose to focus mainly on landscapes and my surroundings as l think all the curves, lines and mark making could be translated in to weave. I have focused more on my colour palette and have changed it slightly since print. I wanted to incorporate all of the different seasons and the colours within them.

I have started looking at a textile artist called 'Kayla coo' who creates wall hangings of landscapes using felt fibres and hand/machine stitch. Her work is inspiring because of all the marks she makes using yarns and threads. I want to try to achieve this within my weaves with different textured yarns.


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