Saturday, 14 February 2015

Weave - Week 2

This week has been a continuation from the first. After having our group crit, I have been trying to refine my colour palette. I feel there is a lot of different colours within it and it’s starting to be too fussy.
This week l have been doing separate samples of the colours from the 4 seasons, I particularly like the autumn colours. However l think during the last week I am going to maybe try to do one weave sample using the colours from all 4 of the different seasons, Pulling out colours from my visual research and being a little bit more selective. I’m going to keep my samples quite simple but pull out textures from the images of landscapes like grass/trees/leaves etc.

This week I have worked a lot in my sketchbook; I’ve made lots of connections from this and can now see how it translates in to my weaving samples. Friday drawing day definitely helps to be freer and gives me techniques to use that l can relate too. I think in the last week lm going to be able to bring everything together and see the bigger picture.
I’m starting to have more of an idea of the context of my work now, l can definitely see them as decorative wall hangings. They also could be used as throws in the home or as a piece of fashion.
Another artist I’ve looked at this week is David Hockney. I love the colours and vibrant feel to his work; I think it is very similar to my colour palette.

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