Monday, 16 February 2015

Weave - Week 3

This final week I have looked more into detail of how the landscape looks right now in February. It's quite dull, there's lots of shades of browns, greys and muddy greens with hints of bronze. It's quite like autumn, with leaves falling off trees and bare branches. I have focused more on the images I've taken and have made yarn wrappings and colour stripes to help me develop. I've then weaved some samples using the textures and fine lines from the trees. I think towards the end of the project I have really started to understand were my focus is and the direction l am heading. I decided to concentrate more on nature and how things change over time, I think this fits in well with the word material transitions.

I have produced lots more drawings and have experimented further with lots of different materials to give me more visual research to work from. I have tried to create more simple samples on the looms, and I have machine stitched into some of them to give them more detail.
Below are some photos that I went out and took ready for the final week in construct. These helped me create lots more mark making within my drawings. I wish I had more time on this project as this week I've really started to enjoy it!!

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