Friday, 8 May 2015

Unit X - Outcome

These past two weeks ive done lots of little hand knits in diffrent coloured yarns and textures, aswell as tiny machine knit samples. I decided to cut snippets up and use dissolvable film and embroidery to create long and narrow edges. I placed lots of cut up knits inside the dissolvable film and used the bernina to stitch them all together, then washed off. I was left was a complex almost weave like edge. 

Most of the samples that l produced, l followed the colours from my photographs going from sand to sea. Letting the golds and creams flow to blues and greys. With some of the samples l experimented by adding strands of yarns and cut up photographs and mark making squares stitched. If l was develop these further l could maybe incorporate other things like felt and lace.

I also experimented with the lilyput machine and started to knit with the strands that the machine made. They produced really chunky knits! I then began to add them as the base for some more long narrow samples and stitched my knits diagonally on to them. Although l think these work well l still prefer the other method more.

Im really happy with how my final samples have turned out considering i havent enjoyed being in knit. I think texturally they are very intresting edges! Im thinking that my context will be as a tie back on a curtain if l chose to go down the interior route. Or they could be used as a headband with some elastic if l was to go down a fashion route. I think personally l am more interior based so they would be used as tie backs. These are some examples of curtain tie backs that ive found online. The one on the bottom right is from a blog l came across called 'My so called crafty life' by Ashlee. I really love how pretty it is, The bottom tassle part reminds me a little of the busyness and long strands that you can see in my edges.


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