Friday, 8 May 2015

Unit x - Progress

I've developed my research within the past few weeks and made lots of reference to them by producing drawings from all the trips. Plenty of yarn wraps and experimentation with different media is definitely helping me to develop my project further. I've painted out some textures and started to scrape paint and use ink to recreate the crumbling sand. I've also used oil pastel on the back of photographs so I can then draw thick and thin over it for interesting mark marking. I found a bag of lace that was given to me by my nan so I've added snippets of that to my sketchbook and I've also used it to print textures with. Certain criss cross textures I've made, look like the pattern that knitting makes. Ive also experimented by painting on to acetate and leaving it to dry and then scraping the paint off to mimic the lines in the sand.

After attending all the knit workshops I'm getting better on the knitting machines. However I'm really struggling to enjoy knitting. I have found it to be very fast in comparison to weave but difficult technically because it's frustrating when your knit sample falls off the machine. The majority of the time there doesn't seem to be a reason for it, I can be going across and feeling positive and then it'll just fall off. Sometimes it is just certain yarns I'm using or the machine needs threading back up. 

At first when I was on the knit machines I was just using any colours and threads to practice with but now I'm starting to incorporate my colour palette and considering careful what yarns I'm using. I am worried at this stage about my ability on the knit machines because my project is supposed to be based on knitting. I've spoken to one of my tutors and they've said to try and experiment with hand knitting aswell. So I have been encorporating the two so I'm not wasting time. I'm not giving up on the knit machines though I am going to continue to try and get more experienced on them. 

Having the large group crit this week was particulary helpful! It was nice to see were everyone else was up to and what they were focusing on and it gave me lots of ideas and enthusiasm to go away and continue the project. I was advised to use some shiny or metallic yarns which I've tried to use more of and continue to work in the colour palette of blues and creams which I have been doing. Even though I'm working with a limited and minimal colour palette which is unusual for me there is so many tones and shades within the colours to experiment with. I think now I just need to pull yarn qualities out of my sketchbook and into my knitting.


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